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Jembayan Coal Mine in Indonesia

Basic Info
Project Type Prospecting Right Validity period 2017-07-14
Location East Kalimantan Area TBD
Mineral COAL ExplorationDegree
ResourceReserves 142 million tonnes AverageGrade TBD
Way of cooperation Transfer,Cooperation Quotation NEO
Project profile

Jembayan mine covers an area of over 12,000 hectares in East Kalimantan.迅达最新手机版安装。The mine was acquired by Sakari in December 2007,迅达最新手机版安装。 resource is 604 million tonnes (JORC) and reserves have grown to 142 million tonnes (JORC “Marketable” category).迅达最新手机版安装。The mine,迅达登录路线6。 which is multi-pit, has its own barging port, reached by a 26 kilometre road,迅达世界彩票平台。 from where product is barged some 70 nautical miles down the Mahakam River for loading at sea. Jembayan produces a medium quality sub-bituminous coal with low moisture and low sulphur characteristics.怎么注册迅达账号。 The mine has infrastructure in place with a rated nominal capacity of over 12 million tonnes per yea,迅达首页。r.

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