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Sudden volcanic eruption in the Philippines

release time:2020-01-15 source:SMM

According to reports, Taal Volcano,迅达账号注册登录。 near the tourist resort Tagaytay,迅达账号注册登录。 erupted volcanic ash around 1pm on Sunday (12th),迅达账号注册登录。 and the Philvols Seismological Bureau subsequently raised its alert level to level 3. alert. The Philippine Volcano Seismological Bureau held a press co,迅达平台注册nference at 4 pm on the same day, saying that the eruption activity of the Taal volcano "increased".迅达账号注册。 The volcanic ash erupted that day was one kilometer high and triggered a series of volcanic earthquakes.如何注册迅达。 "The volcanic ash of Taal Volcano has spread to many towns in the south of Luzon,迅达注册迅达登录。 bringing falling rocks or ash.迅达开户注册流程。" It is reported that at 6 pm on the 12th,如何注册迅达测速。 the Manila Internatio,迅达账号注册登录。nal Airport Management Agency (MIAA) announced that the volcanic ash erupted due to Taal Volcano It has arrived over Ninoy Aquino Internatio,SuddenvolcaniceruptioninthePhilippines。nal Airport (NAIA), so all inbound and outbound flights have been cancelled on the evening of the 12th.ImportantNotice。 The Philippine Volcano Seismological Bureau stro,news。ngly recommends evacuating residents of high-risk areas of Taal and Ago,China。ncillo and Laurel Districts in Batangas Province, as volcanic debris density flows and volcanic tsunami can cause harm.AseanMiningInformation。,账号。

In addition, the authorities have banned people from going to the island and travelling to the two district committees in Batangas Province.注册。 Authorities also recommend that other coastal communities surrounding Volcano Taal take precautio,登录。nary measures to prevent possible disturbances to the lake and earthquakes due to o,suddenvolcaniceruptioninthephilippines_importantnotice_news_china-aseanmininginformation。ngoing volcanic turbulence. For detailed flight information,suddenvolcaniceruptioninthephilippines。 please call each airline.importantnotice。 According to news from the Philippine media on the 13th,news。 due to the large amount of volcanic ash generated by the Taal volcano eruption,china。 the air in Manila,aseanmininginformation。 the capital,迅达账号注册登录。 was severely polluted,SuddenvolcaniceruptioninthePhilippines。 causing the people of Manila to snap up masks, especially the N95 masks with dust protection have been sold out.

According to the latest news, Ninoy Aquino Internatio,ImportantNotice。nal Airport announced on Monday (13th) that flights scheduled to depart from and land at the airport will resume at 10 am and 12 noon on Monday. However,news。 the Philippine Ministry of Transport,China。 the Manila Internatio,AseanMiningInformation。nal Airport Authority and the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority said in a joint statement that flight takeoffs and landings still depend on flight takeoff and landing resources (SLOT).,账号。

SMM believes that the area affected by the volcanic eruption is mainly in the northern Philippines and near the capital Manila. At present,注册。 most areas of the Philippines are in the rainy season.登录。 The main shipment areas of laterite nickel ore are Tawi-Tawi and Palawan. The two places are far away from Taal volcano, and the shipment of laterite nickel ore is not affected.