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Indian Federation of Mining Industries (FIMI) calls for abolition of copper concentrate import tarif,迅达怎么打不开了。

release time:2020-01-15 source:Changjiang Metal

According to foreign media reports, the Indian Federation of Miners' Industry,迅达怎么打不开了。 the highest representative body of Indian miners (FIMI),迅达怎么打不开了。 hopes to cancel the 2.迅达app下载。5% import tax on copper concentrates. Given the insufficient supply of copper in the domestic market,迅达注册流程。 the federation's eco,迅达注册平台。nomic rationality for this move Questioned. In a memorandum submitted to the Treasury,迅达注册账号流程。 FIMI urged the government to eliminate im,迅达注册流程开户流程。port duties in its 2020/21 national budget to be submitted to Parliament next month. Mining agencies say primary refined copper has played a key role in ensuring an adequate supply of strategic me,迅达注册流城。tals, but noted that India lacks mineral copper resources.迅达怎么打不开了。 Therefore,IndianFederationofMiningIndustries(FIMI)callsforabolitionofcopperconcentrateimporttarif。 for many years,InvestmentTrade。 the copper industry has been lobbying the government to reduce import tariffs on copper concentrates, which are the basic raw materials for the downstream copper industry.news。

Some people point out that because the domestic copper supply o,China。nly accounts for 4% of total demand, the domestic copper industry is forced to im,AseanMiningInformation。port large quantities of copper concentrates as the starting point of the value chain for most industry participants, so FIMI believes that the cancellation of current im,怎么。port tariffs has economic significance. Major copper-producing countries such as China,打不开。 Japan, South Korea, and the European Union have begun to import copper concentrates at zero tariffs. FIMI said that India's zero tax rate will make domestic smelters more competitive and enable them to compete with finished products that enter India at zero tax rates under various free trade agreements signed between India and exporting countries.开了。 In addition,indianfederationofminingindustries。 it seeks to increase im,fimi。port tariffs on copper scrap from the current 5% to 7.5%.callsforabolitionofcopperconcentrateimporttarif_investmenttrade_news_china-aseanmininginformation。 Citing a report from the International Copper Association of India (ICAI), in 2016,callsforabolitionofcopperconcentrateimporttarif。 India's registered recyclers dealt with 57% of the market's scrap copper,investmenttrade。 and the remaining amount was handled by unregistered recyclers.news。 Most domestic scrap copper is not subject to taxation ,china。 Resulting in loss of revenue to the government.aseanmininginformation。 According to ICAI data,迅达怎么打不开了。 23% of the copper scrap consumed in China comes from imports, and 77% comes from domestic copper scrap.IndianFederationofMiningIndustries(FIMI)callsforabolitionofcopperconcentrateimporttarif。 In addition,InvestmentTrade。 24% of downstream copper production comes from the secondary market. India imported about 79,000 tons of copper scrap (excluding copper alloy copper scrap) from 97 countries,news。 a year-on-year increase of a,China。bout 75%. FIMI pointed out that China restricts the im,AseanMiningInformation。port and use of scrap copper, which has led to the transfer of scrap copper to India because India has lax controls on the im,怎么。port and processing of scrap copper.