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Release Date 2018-07-02
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Main ingredient:homopolymerized by acrylamide is a linear polymer with high molecular weight and low io,迅达正规吗。nic degree



Molecular weight (1 million)

Degree of hydrolysis %

Solid content %

Effective Ph range

Residual monomer content %








White particle







Usage:wastewater treatment: when wastewater system is partially acidy, it is suitable to select no,迅达正规吗。nionic series polyacrylamide, and to treat in co,迅达正规吗。njunction with inorganic flocculant poly aluminum, aluminum sulfate,迅达娱乐怎么代理。 etc.迅达娱乐最新网址。,迅达娱乐用户登录。 and the effect is the best in the water treatment.迅达登陆平台登录入口。 Textile auxiliaries: some other chemicals can be added to make chemical slime for textile sizing.

Sand control and sand fixation: add the crossl,迅达娱乐世界登陆。inking agent to 0.3% non-ionic polyacrylamide, and spray onto the desert for sand control and sand fixation.

Coal mine washing: it can be used for washing and centrifugal separation of coal tailings, in the precipitation and filtration process of coal powder and coal slime,迅达登陆线路。 which can improve the recovery rate and filtration rate of coal powder.迅达正规吗。,Polyscrylamide(NPAM)。

metallurgical ore dressing: flotation and smelting of zinc, manganese and copper ores,Other。 in which leachate and residue can be added Pam to improve separation efficiency; it can also be used as a basic material of soil moisturizer,矿业技术。 chemical grouting agent,China。 oil field water co,AseanMiningInformation。ntrolling agent and modified polyacrylamide.

Packing: paper-plastic packing bag, net weight 25kg/bag.正规。
Storage: stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse.polyscrylamide。

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