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Supply of magnetic separator

Type Beneficiation
Model A variety of models
Size A variety of specifications
Price negotiable
Trade Place contact us
颁布日期 2017-04-24
有用期限 2022-04-30


product: Magnetic separator

brand: Heng Xing

Type: A variety of models

Gauge: A variety of specifications

A single price: negotiable

Kunming evergreen dressing equipment manufacturing co.,迅达客户端app。 LTD;Contact: WenJun (Sir) ,迅达客户端app。



Land area: yunnan - kunming

Address: kunming xiong deyou fuk road century city, after the village on the gate number 187,迅达客户端app。

Products in detail:

Because of good quality, reasonable price and welcome by customers.,迅达平台登录软件

Adopts magnetic high rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet drum magnetic block and composite magnetic ferrite magnetic blocks, with high magnetic field intensity.迅达娱乐代理专线。 Depth of field,迅达平台代理怎么算。 is not easy to demagnetization.迅达手机版app安装。 Thus equipment processing capacity,迅达登录手机版。 strong adaptability of fluctuations in production,迅达手机版安装失败。 don't effect is good.

Permanent magnet drum characteristics:,迅达客户端appSupplyofmagneticseparator。

①A cylinder can match three tub, adapted to different sorting process,Beneficiation。

②Reflux tank is suitable for the ore particle size was 0.5 0 mm strong magnetic mineral wet roughing and select,矿业作战。 especially suitable for big size is 0.China。15 ~ 0 mm mineral selections.AseanMiningInformation。

③Chute is suitable for the ore particle size of 0.6 mm ~ strong magnetic mineral wet roughing and scavenging.客户端。 Especially in the dense medium coal preparation recycle,appsupplyofmagneticseparator_beneficiation。 etc.appsupplyofmagneticseparator。 Please consulting company's web site for details

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