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China Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Co

Nonferrous metal mineral resources development, construction engineering, rel...

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China Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Co (referred to as: Chinese Nonferrous Metals Group) was founded in 1983, is a large central enterprises SASAC management,迅达测速app。 in 2016 "Fortune 500" 386th,迅达测速app。 the main non-ferrous metal mineral resources development,迅达测速app。 construction,最新版迅达app。 trade and related services,迅达账号申请表。 is China's nonferrous metals industry's first implementation of the "going out" strategy one of the enterprises.迅达平台开多久了。China Nonferrous Metals Group business in over more than and 80 countries and regions,迅达主管qq。 involving copper,迅达国际地址。 lead,迅达最新app安装。 zinc,迅达测速appChinaNon。 nickel,FerrousMetalMiningCo。 beryllium,测速。 tantalum,appchinanon-ferrousmetalminingco。 niobium,appchinanon。 gold,ferrousmetalminingco。 silver,迅达测速appChinaNon。 rare earth and other more than 40 varieties of non-ferrous metals, in Zambia, Mongolia, Burma, Thailand, Congo (DRC), investment in Tajikistan and other countries and regions run mining development projects a number of landmark funded enterprises, repeatedly selected "the world's largest 225 contractors".China Nonferrous Metals Group has won the "Technology Innovation Award", the "51" labor certificates, "moved to Afr... [ detail]