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2019 The 10th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum grand openning in Nanning,迅达苹果安装。

release time:2019-12-02 source:CAMISP

On November 14, the 2019 (tenth) China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum and Promotion Exhibition,迅达苹果安装。 co-sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Auto,迅达苹果安装。nomous Region, was opened in Nanning Internatio,http://www.hbhtsy.cnnal Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangxi. Ling Yueming,迅达世界平台登录。 deputy minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources of China; Yan Zhihuan,迅达娱乐点击注册。 deputy chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Auto,迅达注册登陆网址。nomous Region; Mongo Satira, state secretary of the Ministry of Minerals and Energy of Cambodia; No,迅达注册链接。nita Kageya, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Enviro,迅达娱乐注册账号。nment and Natural Resources of the Philippines, and Asafa Kumsa Afeta,迅达苹果安装。 Deputy Minister of Minerals and Petroleum of Ethiopia,2019The10thChina。 attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.ASEANMiningCooperationForumgrandopenninginNanning。

Ling Yueming pointed out in his speech that China and the ASEAN countries are co,ImportantNotice。nnected by mountains and rivers, and they are blood relatives,news。 and they are a community of shared destiny of mutual benefit.China。 Mining has always been one of the important areas of China-ASEAN cooperation, coinciding with the tenth China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum,AseanMiningInformation。 China-ASEAN mining cooperation has ushered in a new historical starting point of high-quality development.苹果。 For a long time,安装。 the Ministry of Natural Resources of China and the mining authorities of ASEAN countries have established friendly and cooperative relations,2019the10thchina-aseanminingcooperationforumgrandopenninginnanning_importantnotice_news_china-aseanmininginformation。 carried out a series of fruitful cooperation,the10thchina。 and created a good enviro,aseanminingcooperationforumgrandopenninginnanning。nment for China-ASEAN mining cooperation.

Ling Yueming put forward four suggestions on further deepening the all-round cooperation in the China-ASEAN mining sector and promoting the win-win development of the regio,importantnotice。nal economy: First, grasp the development opportunities of strategic planning and docking,news。 build a higher level of China-ASEAN mining partnership,china。 and promote China- ASEAN mining cooperation has reached a new level.aseanmininginformation。 China is willing to actively promote cooperation in the entire mining industry chain and deep processing with ASEAN countries,迅达苹果安装。 help each other develop high-quality economies,2019The10thChina。 and bring new opportunities for global mining development.ASEANMiningCooperationForumgrandopenninginNanning。 The second is to promote the co,ImportantNotice。nstruction of the China-ASEAN Geoscience Cooperation Center. In accordance with the principle of "co-negotiation,news。 co-co,China。nstruction and sharing", the Center will soon become a high-level internatio,AseanMiningInformation。nal geoscience cooperation platform with certain influence. The third is to co,苹果。nsolidate the China-ASEAN mining information sharing platform, combining big data and "geological cloud 2.0" technology, integrating mining information of various countries,安装。 improving the network resource sharing mechanism, and providing authoritative, real-time and effective information for mining companies and industry personnel. Support and promote the exchange and integration of China-ASEAN mining trade, capital, technical information and talents. The fourth is to promote the construction of geoscience research capacity and talent training, and further expand the training and cooperation of young geoscience talents. In the next five years, China will provide 100 ASEAN countries with 100 international master's and doctoral degrees in geosciences, mining, testing technology and other places for ASEAN countries through the China-ASEAN Geoscience Cooperation Center platform, and 500 universities in China. Short-term training and technical training places effectively improve the capacity building and technical level of geoscience professionals in ASEAN countries.

Yan Zhizheng said in his speech that Guangxi is known as the "Hometown of Nonferrous metals", with abundant mineral resources reserves and continuous development of the mining industry. It is building a 100 billion yuan calcium carbonate industry chain, and strives to develop the calcium carbonate industry into a new one after nonferrous metals Pillar industries. Guangxi is willing to work together with ASEAN countries to strengthen exchanges and docking, practically promote the construction of mineral cooperation projects, and deepen the application of mineral exploration and development, mining information exchange, mining talent training, mineral product trade, mining equipment technology, mining logistics and transportation. Exchanges and cooperation, promote the complementary advantages of resources of all parties, promote regional mineral development, mutual benefit and win-win and sustainable development.

Yan Zhichen put forward three suggestions: First, rely on the advantages of the platform to promote the interconnection of mining industry. Guangxi is willing to work with the mining authorities of ASEAN countries to jointly build the China-ASEAN Geoscience Cooperation Center and the China-ASEAN Mining Information Service Platform, focusing on strengthening information sharing in basic geological survey results, mineral resource exploration and development, mining investment and management policies, etc. Promote cooperation between mining companies in China and ASEAN countries. Second, relying on resource advantages, deepen international capacity cooperation. Guangxi and ASEAN countries have natural complementarity in mineral resources. Both parties must rely on resource advantages to strengthen all-round development in regional mining development, resource conservation and intensive use, green mine construction, mining equipment trade, and mining and processing technology exchange. Cooperation in production capacity, promoting regional mutually beneficial cooperation and sustainable development. Third, relying on geographical advantages, strengthen multilateral and bilateral innovation cooperation in the mining industry. At present, a new round of mining technology revolution and green mine creation are at the historical juncture to achieve major breakthroughs. Guangxi is willing to strengthen multilateral and bilateral innovation cooperation in the field of mining with ASEAN and the countries along the "Belt and Road", promote the deep integration of mining technology with the mining economy, strengthen the sharing of innovation results, work hard to break the barriers that restrict innovation and cooperation, and support mining companies to independently carry out technical exchanges and Cooperation injects new momentum into the socio-economic development of both sides.

Also present at the opening ceremony were delegations from ASEAN, Italy and other countries and international organizations and heads of mining associations, representatives of relevant Chinese government departments and relevant provincial authorities, consuls and other diplomatic envoys of the consulates of the ASEAN countries in Nanning, international and regional. Representatives of organizations, celebrities in China and ASEAN business circles, and relevant experts and scholars.
It is reported that the theme of this forum is "deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in mining and promote economic win-win development". The guests will focus on environmental protection-based mining development policies and practices, green mining enterprise development, mining project and technology cooperation, and important mineral resource development. Discuss and exchange with topics such as utilization, geoscience cooperation mechanism and prospects, geological minerals and mining informatization services, meanwhile organize mining project promotion, negotiation and signing, carry out mining talent exchange training, organize new mining technology, mining machinery, jewelry and jade exhibitions, etc. There were about 1,100 participants and about 3,000 exhibitors.

In addition to the opening ceremony of this forum, there will also be a round table meeting between the China-ASEAN Regional Directors, a sustainable mining policy and practice seminar, a green mining enterprise development seminar, a mining project signing-promotion-conference, and a geoscience cooperation technology exchange. More than 20 events including seminars, geological minerals and mining information service seminars, dialogues with mining cooperative entrepreneurs, calcium carbonate industry development seminars, and new mining technology-mining machinery-jewelry and jade exhibitions. Major contract signings between companies are planned. More than 10 projects, more than 20 negotiated projects, and more than 50 selected and recommended projects.